CSR Guide

CSR Guide

CSR GUIDE for enterprises, adults and decision makers

The CSR Guide is a culmination of the joint collaboration between partners through seven main project learning activities. The aim of this Guide is to present in a practical and systematic way the current status, implementation and best practice examples of the EU Directives in the area of CSR. The Guide has been made for representatives of companies of all sizes, decision makers, researchers, CSR professionals, students and everyone interested in corporate social responsibility and sustainability.

CSR Guides in all seven languages can be found below:

• CSR Guide (English version)

• Le Guide RSE (French version)

• Guida RSI (Italian version)

• Broschüre der sozialen Unternehmensverantwortung (German version)

• DOP Vodič (Croatian version)

• Vodič po družbeni odgovornosti (Slovenian version)

• Príručka zodpovedného podnikania (Slovak version)