Local events

Local events


• Publishing articles in the monthly magazine "Accounting, Audit and Finance" and participation at the international conference 'Accounting and Management' (Croatia, June 2017)

• Participation at 18th International Conference "Accounting and Management" (Croatia, September 2017)
Ivan Petarčić (RRiF-plus d.o.o.): "The role of VAT on Corporate Social Responsibility in Croatia"


• Participation at Annual conference 'Corporate Social Responsibilty' organized by the Croatian Business Council for Sustainable Development (Croatia, December 2016)
Jasenka Begić (IDOP): "The Culture of Food Donation: The impact of legislative framework on corporate social responsibility."

Annual Croatian Controlling conference, May 2017
Nikolina Markota Vukić, PhD (IDOP): The role of non-financial reporting in CSR

• Participation at 18th International Conference "Accounting and Management" (Croatia, September 2017)
Nikolina Markota Vukić, PhD (IDOP): "Non-financial reporting a new trend in sustainability accounting"


• 16th ABIS Annual Colloquium: Business-Academic Collaboration on the UN Sustainable Development Goals for Long-Term Success (Belgium, November 2017)

• ABIS Knowledge Into Action Forum 2018 (Belgium, March 2018)

• webinar Business Models for Sustainability (June, 2017)

• webinar The International dimension of corporate responsibility: Insights and Opportunities (July, 2017)



Annual CSR conference: Corporate Social Responsibility and Challenges of Digitalisation, (Slovenia, May 2017)

• Days of social responsibility 2017 (Slovenia, December 2017)


Slovak Compliance Days (Slovakia, November 2016)

• Seminar on Corporate Volunteering and its benefits (Slovakia, March 2017)

• Slovakian Diversity Charter Initiative (Slovakia, May 2017)
CEE CSR Summit (Slovakia, November 2017)
• semester course "CSR in practice" (coorganized with BLF and University of Economics in Bratislava)



• Smaller-size events on CSRfor Masters and PhD students of Steinbeis University Berlin, Institute Corporate Responsibility Management during seminars:

- Corporate Ethics Management

- Environmental Sustainability

- Corporate Responsibility Management

- CSR Communication

- Leadership and Human Rights



• Smaller-size events on CSR for PhD students of LUM Jean Monnet University during the lessons:

- Strategy & Theory of the Firm (prof. Garzoni)

- Networks & Institutional Theory (prof. Massari)

- Green finance (prof. Salvi)

- Public Management and Sustainability (prof. Esposito)

- Environmental management & Innovation (prof. Russo)

- Green Marketing (prof. Morrone)

• Seminars for students from all Apulian universities:

- Corporate Sustainability and Value Creation: a Multidisciplinary Approach (Italy, February 2017)

- From value-driven marketing to corporate shared value (Italy, March 2017)

- The art of sustainability meeting (Italy, March 2017)



• Economic Independence for You and Your Community - a local networking event where small business owners completed a series of activities for the exchange of best practices in the field Corporate Social Responsibility Innovation (United Kingdom, September 2017)

• Non-Financial Reporting Workshop - students and business owners were introduced to non-financial reporting and the surrounding UK legislation (United Kingdom, February 2018)