Nadácia Pontis

Nadácia Pontis

Pontis Foundation, established in 1997 is a non-profit organization, one of the largest grant-making and operational foundations in Slovakia, active in the field of civil society development, promotion of corporate responsibility, corporate philanthropy and volunteering. Pontis Foundation connects people, companies, and organizations and promotes the exchange of expertise in the regions of Central Europe, Western Balkans and Eastern Partnership.

The Pontis Foundation shares a vision of socially responsible entrepreneurship and prepares joint actions to foster useful business ideas. Pontis Foundation promotes diversity in a workplace, environment protection, transparency, and implementation of international standards in these fields, and proper reporting of corporate responsibility activities and programs. Also, Pontis Foundation is a leading consultancy on the CR and Non-Financial Reporting matters, and administrator of the Slovak Business Leaders Forum – a platform of Slovak and international companies operating in Slovakia, active in promotion of CSR. Pontis Foundation is a proud representative of Ashoka (social entrepreneur fellow) in Slovak Republic.

Through the projects abroad, Pontis Foundation supports civil society in Western Balkans and Eastern Partnership Region aimed at transferring Slovak transition and EU integration experience, focusing on development of cross-sector (business – civil society) partnerships. Pontis Foundation has been running long term projects on promotion of CSR, and business involvement in the country development in Belarus and Georgia (including establishing CSR Award scheme, CSR conferences, Pro Bono Networks, etc.)

Besides these activities, Pontis Foundation has been implementing a long-term programme aimed at improving the computer literacy and entrepreneurship skills in southeast Kenya. Pontis Foundation currently has 38 employees and a number of external collaborators.