European Union launches the Social Challenges Innovation Platform

European Union launches the Social Challenges Innovation Platform

On September 21st the European Union launched the Social Challenge Innovation Platform, a platform aiming at creating a marketplace where actual social challenges can meet powerful and innovative solutions. It is a space where the work among different players make the European Social Ecosystem vibrant and collaborative and where the challenge is transformed into a new business opportunity.

The Platform supports committed Public Authorities, Private Companies, Third Sector Organisations in defining, prioritising social and environmental challenges, and uploading them onto the platform.

It encourages the participation of social innovators, startups and SMEs to identify, fund, co-develop and test concrete solutions to these needs. provides 30.000€ grants and dedicated support, focused on the translation of at least 27 challenges into 81 practical and marketable solutions for a total value of 2.430.000€.

This platform aims to support Social innovation in Europe as a constantly growing movement of grassroots initiatives, recognized by policy makers on different levels in Europe as an important way to tackle the increasingly-complex social and environmental challenges faced by our societies. However, the potential for social innovation to transform the way we respond to Europe's challenges still remains largely untapped.

 Social Challenge Eu Mini

For more information visit the official website of Social Challenges Innovation Platform.

Author: Marco Matrisciano (Abis - The Academy of Business in Society)