European Circular Economy Stakeholder Platform

European Circular Economy Stakeholder Platform

The European Circular Economy Stakeholder Platform is a virtual open space which aims at promoting Europe's transition to a circular economy by facilitating policy dialogue among stakeholders and by disseminating activities, information, and good practices on the circular economy. Stakeholders can take part in the Platform by participating in the annual conference and by interacting on the website to look for good practices, to engage with other stakeholders and to share their own good practices and events.

The members of the Coordination Group contribute to gather best practices on circular economy, to raise awareness about existing national, regional or local strategies, to identify challenges and opportunities for the transition to a circular economy among policy makers, businesses, trade unions, civil society, etc.

The European Circular Economy Stakeholder Platform will be a "network of networks" going beyond sectorial activities and highlighting cross-sector opportunities and challenges. It will be a hub gathering knowledge, a place for dialogue and a bridge between existing initiatives. It will contribute to disseminating the concept of the circular economy at national, regional and local level by making the information more easily accessible and by providing a frame for exchange and discussion.

The Platform will aim to:

• Advancing the circular economy concept in Member States, regional and local governments, civil society and businesses;

• Strengthening the cooperation among stakeholders' networks to facilitate the exchange of expertise and good practices on the circular economy;

• Contribute to identify social, economic and cultural barriers to the transition towards a circular economy intended for policy makers at all level of governance.

The Platform will be an open platform structured as follows:

• Pillar I - Policy dialogue: to gather stakeholders' input and views. The platform will hold an annual two-day conference organised jointly by the EESC and the Commission

• Pillar II – Coordination: Coordination Group and a Secretariat to coordinate the activities of the Platform

• Pillar III - Knowledge, national strategies and good practices: website and branding

To exchange, interact and make circular economy happen faster visit the official website here.

Author: Marco Matrisciano (Abis - The Academy of Business in Society)