Second Transnational project meeting took place in London, United Kingdom

Second Transnational project meeting took place in London, United Kingdom

Second Transnational project meeting (TPM) within the Hi4CSR project took place on the 5th of July 2017 (Wednesday) in London, United Kingdom. Participants of the second TPM were representatives of eight project partners: RRiF (coordinator, CRO), IDOP (CRO), GIG (GER), LUM University (ITA), Pontis Foundation (SLK) and ABIS – The Academy of Business in Society (BEL), while the meeting was hosted by Bridging to the Future (UK).

Second TPM was held in the middle of the project and its main goals were to monitor the project, report on its progress, discuss partners’ responsibilities and plan future activities. Presentation held by project coordinator started with reiterating main objectives of the project, which are the exchange of good practices in order to increase the knowledge of EU CSR Directives and their harmonization process into national legislations, the establishment of permanent network between enterprises, society and decision makers and the creation of a CSR guide for enterprises, adults and decision makers.

First presentation by the coordinator included the analysis of the current status of the project, overview of all project activities achieved so far, all local events held by partners as well as a report on the dissemination activities. Second part focused on the CSR Guide, provided information on its structure and partners’ responsibilities in the writing process as well as defined all deadlines for its completion, including the ones for translating, graphic design and printing. Second presentation provided information from the Interim project report regarding past activities, overview of companies’ representatives and decision makers included in the project, impact on participants, participating organizations, target groups and other relevant stakeholders.

Presentation was followed by a discussion about the CSR Guide and future activities, especially the upcoming Learning Activities in Brussels and Bratislava.

After the discussion, Xavier Lewis Rodriguez from Bridging to the Future introduced project partners to the story behind Impact Hub Islington, where the meeting was held. The Impact Hub Islington, located at 27 Dingley Place London, is a part of the global network of more than 80 entrepreneurial communities and spaces dedicated to social innovation. The Hub is a physical workspace for start-ups, freelancers, entrepreneurs and small businesses, but it also functions as a support mechanism for its members, helping them to achieve the impact they desire to see at local and global levels.

The following project activity will be a five-day Learning activity in Brussels, which will take place from 11th to 15th of September.

Additional information about the TPM can be found below:


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